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We are an international network of coders, low/no-coders, designers, instructors & coaches. Whatever your app or software idea is, we can help you get started.

Development Partner

havenocode is the fastest growing development agency in Poland. Delivering top quality software to an international client base with a broad expertise in design/user experience, No/low code tools & traditional code.

  • Product Design

  • Web & Mobile Platforms

  • Mobile Applications

  • MVP Development

Jose Melo, Project Scope

Jose is an app developer with broad IT experience in server administration, network security and managing software engineer teams.Connect with him to learn more about how to get your software project started.

Rafay Khan, Digital Marketing

Rafay has 5+ years of marketing experience specifically with tech and startups. He takes a "zero cost on marketing" approach to finding customers.Connect with him to learn how to market your app or software project.

Apps & Software

Here are some of the projects that our team has worked on. Some of them are ongoing, some aren't. The important part is that we were able to test an idea and learn from real users.


With Melonseed, employers and employees are connected
directly, facilitating a faster, more streamlined hiring process.


Organizing the most up-to-date real estate data. Find out what comparable sales are going on in your neighborhood.


TravelTrunk allows people to organize and plan group trips without the awkwarndess of "who pays?".

In Charge

In Charge enables financial advisors and firms to convert prospects 3x faster. We helped the founder build scheduled messaging to the different users of the platform.


A stock scanner that identifies candle patterns in the stock market. Originally for personal-use and now open for public beta.

Employee Time Tracking

An internal tool integrated with Connectwise's API to track remote engineer's time stamps. Implemented during the pandemic as a critical business need.

Kredyty360 is a financial portal that offers a free mortgage loan comparison and provides support in the process of applying for a loan.

Apptoyou Academy is an e-learning platform that allows non-technical people to enter the IT world and learn how to build applications using

Common concerns & misteps

These are the questions and concerns that I hear most frequently. If you've never built software before, expectation setting is important.

Is my idea any good?

Only users can tell you this with how they behave in reaction to what you give them. Your goal is figure this out with the minimal amount of development hours.

How long will it take to build my idea?

Your software will always be a work-in-progress. "Done" is a myth, "Good enough" is reality. Prioritize progress over deadlines and make sure that whatever you build, it's something that users can react to.

How much will it cost to build my app?

This depends more on you than your developer. After investing 40 dev hours ($3K - $5K) into your app, you should have something that people can use.

My app doesn't do enough

Too many features are a plague. It wastes your money, confuses your users and extends dev timelines. Find the highest priority feature, build that and then test with real people.

My developer is going to rip me off

Approaching dev from a small & incremental process will avoid these situations. The most important thing is to establish trust with your developer - and trust goes both ways.

Can I build this myself?

You sure can. It comes down the number of hours that you can invest in your project and how much technical experience you come in with. Hiring a coach or developer is something you can decide along the way.

Hang with me

I stream about app & software development. Come ask me questions or tune in to find out the latest in Rapid App Development.

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Nice things people say about us

Peter Sturdivant, Member of Bailey Capital LLC

"As an entrepreneur, I am always looking for professionals with whom I can trust important projects. Jon and his team have brought a level of focus and attention to detail to my project that I don't take for granted."

Shawn Cosby, Co-Founder / COO of AMV

"Jon's passion to build and create radiated throughout the 8 week BootCamp. It's clear he loves his work and has a deep understanding of the 'no-code' space. I recommend Jon as an educator and as a consultant for your next project."

Sophie Lemieux, Product Consultant of Critical Strategies

"Jon prepared well-structured lessons that increased in complexity week over week, held my attention and spurred my curiosity. The pace was efficient but left room for productive discussion and troubleshooting."

Andrew Almeida, CEO of Almeida Investments

"I would have never been able to build a working prototype if I went to Upwork or a traditional dev shop. My idea was just too nuanced. Jon made my vision a reality."

Eric Pannell, MBA, PMP, CSM, Published Author

"Jon went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure everyone in the class digested the material. His personal style to building relationships and working with each student is the class was top-notch."

Tim Conover, CFO of BMB Solutions

"I have been exceptionally happy with the level of service, response and quality of work provided by Jose and Jon. As we need to enhance and update the application they developed we will look forward to working with them on this and any future applications we may need."

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